The Great Journey


The Village of Briarton has always been a quite place, sometimes too quiet. Especially since the Empire of Nerath collapsed more than a century ago. You have met with your friends and neighbors around your age at the local pub, the only real place to sit and chat in this small place you have always called home, and decided that it was time for something more exciting. The fun stopped at tipping over Old Man Fayer’s cows while they slept at night and hunting rabbit in the snow. Since the discovery that your mentor and friend, Douven Staul, went missing after leaving for Winterhaven, you can no longer sit idly by and just wait.

You must seek out on your own to locate him, or at least find news of what became of him. Douven, a rabid explorer of old ruins, had found a map that revealed the location of a dragon’s tomb not far from the village. He figured if a dragon was buried there, why not also its hoard?In this place of collective farms,laden hunting, mediocre people and a life dedicated to farming, you and your friends set out one day to fulfill the hope of your fathers and an entire village and leave on the East road toward Winterhaven to find Douven.



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