The Great Journey


Where our heroes get robbed and make a deal

Upon arriving in WInterhaven, the group rented a room at the local inn and settled in for a good night’s sleep. However, a rude awakening awaited them the next morning. The priest awoke to find all his posessions but the robe he slept in gone. Bryan Halan and Johnis searched the room but could find no trace of who had committed the crime. After passing the hat, the group was able to replace the priest’s weapon, and out of an abundance of caution, the knight paid to replace the priest’s holy symbols himself.

The problems of the previous night resolved, the group went to see the local magistrate to warn him about the potential kobold problem facing his town. It turns out the magistrate is well aware of the problem but has been unable muster enough force to go after the little menaces. He offered the group who had so successfully tangled with the kobolds a reward for helping keep the King’s Road clear and safe. Seeing an opportunity to improve their circumstances. Bryan conferred briefly with the knight and convinced him to lobby the magistrate for a plot of land just outside of Winterhaven were the group might set up a base of operations. After some intense negotiations, the magistrate agreed to provide the group with 5 acres of land just outside Winterhaven’s gates.

With the deal made, the group set off to fulfill their duty to their friend’s wife before embarking on the the next phase of their lives



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