Welcome to our new D&D campaign. There are some minor rule changes to the RAW, and they will be listed here.

All characters are made with 25 attribute points, all starting at 8.

Races: Humans gain a +2 Bonus to any one Attribute.

Skills: several skills do the same job and because of this I have decided to combine the skills. descriptions of each new skill will be shown below. The skill changes are as follows swim/jump/climb = Athletics, balance/tumble = Acrobatics, hide/move silently = Sneak, spot/listen = Notice. Also the Use Rope skill has been removed from play and replaced by a stat check. In addition, open locks is rolled into Disable Device and spellcraft is rolled into knowledge: Arcana.

Feats: The Dodge Feat gives a +1 AC bonus across the board. This bonus is lost if you lose your Dex Bonus.

Equipment: All classes have a Class Defense (AC) Bonus, this bonus does not stack with armor. Armor instead provides DR, equal to its old AC value. The class bonuses can be found here: http://www.d20srd.org/srd/variant/adventuring/defenseBonus.htm

Critical Hits: If a natural 20 is rolled, it is an automatic critical hit. If any other roll is made inside the threat range of the weapon, then a critical must be confirmed.

The Great Journey

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